Tylor  McMillan's Well Service is a Federal Explosive Licensee regulated by  the BATFE. A California OSHA Licensed Blaster with 15 years experience  in the water well blasting industry.  

Tylor  McMillan has been the lead blaster on many projects for top geological  and environmental consultants as well as the big name drillers in  California.  The First Solar Project in Lancaster, the Headworks Project  in Burbank, the Aerojet / Rocketdyne Project in Rancho Cordova, and the  Sacramento Rail Yard Project just to name  a few.

I  have also been pioneering monitoring well destruction methods with a  large oil provider in the state to get away from over drilling small  shallow wells.

Tylor  McMillan is a well known blaster in Sacramento County, San Joaquin  County, Santa Clara County, Alameda County, Kern County, Santa Cruz  County to name a few. 

When you find yourself needing to demo a well that is in someone's  closet, or basement, or under the water tower, perhaps in the middle of  the street (I have done all of those) give me a call.

I am equipped to handle all of your down hole explosive needs, specializing in well demolition, cleaning, and tool recovery.

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